Shomrei Adamah – Protecting Our Environment

Shomrei Adamah – Protecting Our Environment

And God said, “Do not destroy My world, for if you do,
there will be nobody after you to make it right again.”
– Midrash Ecclesiastes Rabbah 7:13

The Shomrei Adamah – Protecting Our Environment Team is made up of congregants, clergy and staff who are committed to making climate justice and preserving the Earth core values of Shaare Emeth and to encouraging individual members and the community at large to do all that is possible to mitigate the effects of our global climate crisis. The team fulfills this mission through educational opportunities, improving Shaare Emeth’s sustainability efforts and working with other faith and grassroots efforts to advance meaningful change on a wide range of environmental issues.

Drive-up Composting at Shaare Emeth

Our Shomrei Adamah (Protecting the Environment) committee is partnering with New Earth Farm to provide YOU with the ability to compost food scraps at home and drop them in bins on the grounds of Temple. The cost per household is $12.00 a month. For more information and to sign up click here.

Questions? Email Josh Goldman, co-chair of the committee. 

Winter Weather: January 14, 2024

Religious School Canceled

Due to the predicted weather forecast for Sunday, January 14, all Sunday Religious School programming has been canceled. We appreciate your understanding and support. The temple offices and our religious school will reopen on Tuesday, after the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday.