Work at Camp Emeth

Work at Camp Emeth this Summer!

What sets Camp Emeth apart is our amazing team of staff and volunteers who help to create unforgettable memories for our camp community each summer. Our goal each year is to build a team of caring, creative, diverse, and compassionate individuals that bring their unique perspective and strengths to the Camp Emeth team. We have opportunities for students as young as entering 9th grade up to working professionals and educators looking to be a part of our leadership team in the summer.

All staff is trained before camp begins in accordance with our American Camp Association (ACA) accreditation standards. All staff members receive First Aid training, and the camp leadership team also maintains current CPR/AED certification.

Below you will find a description of camp positions, how to apply online, and some helpful FAQs if you are considering joining our team. Please reach out to Camp Director Laura Horton if you have specific questions or would like to know more about summer opportunities at Camp Emeth!

Staff Positions at Camp Emeth Include:

Counselor-in-Training (CIT)

Rising 9th graders (as of Fall 2024): If you think you have what it takes to be a camp counselor, this volunteer program is the best way for you to try it out and learn from the best! After participating in a group interview with other future CITs, you will volunteer alongside camp staff for at least 4 weeks of Camp Emeth (you will be asked to specify any weeks you are unavailable during your interview). Being a CIT is the absolute best training for future camp staff and is a fun way to spend part of your summer and develop valuable leadership and life skills!

Camp Counselor

Rising 10th graders or above (as of Fall 2024): Camp counselors will oversee camper activities and well-being throughout the day. The ability to plan and lead activities independently and safely is required and will be covered thoroughly in staff training. Camp counselors may be assigned to one group or various groups throughout the summer, as determined by camp needs and staff availability. Each camp group may have more than one counselor, a one-on-one inclusion counselor, and/or a CIT, depending on specific camp needs and enrollment.


Specialists at Camp Emeth focus on one area of camp programming in order to enrich the camp experience for our campers as well as the camp community as a whole. Specific schedules may vary by position.

These specialist positions include:

  • Sports Specialist (movement and games)
  • Shiur Specialist (Judaic learning and activities)
  • Arts and Crafts Specialist
  • Israel Specialist
  • Music Specialist
  • Pool Specialist
  • Behavior and Wellness Specialists
  • Chug Instructors

Camp Leadership Team

In addition to our full-time Camp Director, our camp leadership team (or “senior staff”) is made up of highly qualified staff who bring many years of experience to the Camp Emeth team. If you feel you may be a good fit for a role on our camp leadership team, such as Unit Director, Camp Manager, or Program Manager, please reach out to Camp Director Laura Horton.

How to Apply

Staff applications are now open. Click the link below to apply online using our CampInTouch portal.

FAQs for Prospective Staff Members

When is staff training?

Camp staff training takes place the week of June 3 – 7. Exact times will be shared with staff members closer to summer.

What does a typical week working at Camp Emeth look like?

Camp runs Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM. Staff members arrive each morning by 8:30 AM for our all-staff meeting and are dismissed following afternoon carpool between 3:45 and 4:00 PM (some days vary based on camp schedule). On Thursday afternoons we have an all-staff meeting until roughly 5:00 PM to prepare for our special Friday activities and/or field trips.

Are there any evening or weekend commitments?

If you choose to work pre-care, you would arrive by 7:15 AM to prepare for the first campers arriving at 7:30. If you choose to work post-care, you would stay until 6:00 PM when post-care ends, or slightly before if all campers are picked up before that time. 

Also, a few times throughout the summer, we have all-camp late nights, with the last campers being picked up at 9:00 PM, as well as one Camp Shabbat, with the last campers being picked up at 5:45 PM. All staff members working those weeks are expected to stay for these and are fully compensated for their extra time worked. 

Finally, for those working in our older grades (4th-8th grade), we have a few additional late night or overnight trips that require staff to attend. These dates will be discussed with prospective staff members for these grades well in advance and staff will be fully compensated for their extra time worked.

Can I work at Camp Emeth if I have other summer commitments?

We will do our best to work around your summer schedule in order to build the best team possible! Please reach out to Camp Director Laura Horton to discuss more about your specific situation and needs.

Do you need to be Jewish to work at Camp Emeth?

No. Camp Emeth provides a Jewish day camp experience for the Shaare Emeth community, but a number of our fantastic staff members (and even some campers) are not Jewish. We seek individuals who will enrich our team by bringing their own unique strengths, regardless of religious background or affiliation. 

Do I need to complete the CIT program before becoming a paid staff member?

No. The CIT program is intended as an opportunity for rising 9th graders to stay engaged in the Camp Emeth community and to serve as a transition from camper to counselor. Please note: being a camper the previous summer is not a prerequisite for participating in the CIT program. Also, participating in the CIT program does not guarantee employment as a Camp Emeth staff member the following summer. 

Why should I work at a summer camp when I could be working a “real job” this summer?

Great question! First of all, this IS a real job. We have a number of people volunteering their time at Camp Emeth (such as Counselors-in-Training), but most Camp Emeth team members are paid staff and are compensated for all the hours they put in to make Camp Emeth great! Our goal is to maintain a professional (and fun!) environment for all members of our team, beginning with staff training, at which time we will establish and discuss expectations of staff and what they can expect from their leadership team as well.

Second, working in a summer camp setting like ours can help you grow as a leader and have fun while doing it! There is no better way to build confidence or gain valuable problem-solving skills than keeping a group of campers safe and engaged throughout the summer.

Finally, working at Camp Emeth may have some unexpected benefits as well, such as building new friendships, exposing you to different career paths, or unlocking a skill you didn’t know you had. Many previous Camp Emeth staff members have gone on to extremely successful and fulfilling careers in various fields, and have also built lifelong friendships as well. So please do not overlook the opportunity to have an incredible summer challenging yourself, enjoying new experiences, and growing here at Camp Emeth!

Winter Weather: January 14, 2024

Religious School Canceled

Due to the predicted weather forecast for Sunday, January 14, all Sunday Religious School programming has been canceled. We appreciate your understanding and support. The temple offices and our religious school will reopen on Tuesday, after the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday.